Nightchasers, in its various guises, has been an entertainment provider based on the Lizard Peninsula for over forty years.

Known in the beginning as the Rare Breed Roadshow, our DJ, Phil, and his various business partners at the time cut their teeth performing at a variety of local Cornish venues, including The Lizard Hotel, Predannack Riviera, The Carthillion, Sandsifter, and many others.

When working with Adam Kelly as my business partner we were members of a local DJ association called CODJAK (I’m sure that’s how it was spelt) We made lots of DJ friends with this at the time

I remember being part of a charity fundraising effort with fellow DJs of CODJAK when we pushed a replica dalek from Lands End to Plymouth. There are pictures somewhere I need to hunt out

In these days the gear was ferried around using a number of different vehicles, ranging from a motorbike and side car owned by Phil’s father, Arthur, to a caravanette, even a tractor and trailer and an articulated lorry – all done to keep our commitments to those who had booked us.

Rare Breed, now a solo act, eventually progressed onto contracted residencies at two venues in Praa Sands – first at the Two Chimneys Holiday Park, performing seven nights a week over four seasons, then at the Welloe Rock, as well as a number of seasons in Helston at the Angel Hotel and the Godolphin Club (where we still perform today).

It was after these shows that our name became Nightchasers, and Nightchasers once again moved onto the mobile circuit, performing throughout Cornwall and beyond (with one special gig taking us up to Cheltenham).