Good news

We are back out entertaining and taking bookings for future events.


Here you can find a list of our engagements, but please note that they are subject to change, and we may have other commitments on dates not listed, so if you wish to book a date then please contact us.

08/01/2022Saturday 8th January 2022Godolphin club9PMKaraoke disco
14/01/2022Friday 14th January 2022Cancelled
15/01/2022Saturday 15th January 2022Cury Village HallPrivate Party
05/02/2022Saturday 5th February 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
19/02/2022Saturday 19th February 2022Helston FCPrivate Party
25/02/2022Friday 25th February 2022TBATBADarts Presentation
12/03/2022Saturday 12th March 2022Godolphin club9PMKaraoke disco
19/03/2022Saturday 19th March 2022Saint AustellTBAWedding
26/03/2022Saturday 26th March 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
02/04/2022Saturday 2nd April 2022Cury Village HallTBATRI-OH
03/04/2022Sunday 3rd April 2022TBATBAProvisional
08/04/2022Friday 8th April 2022Mullion football ClubTBAPrivate function
30/04/2022Saturday 30th April 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
28/05/2022Saturday 28th May 2022Godolphin club9PMKaraoke disco
04/06/2022Saturday 4th June 2022Godolphin Club9PMKaraoke Disco
11/06/2022Saturday 11th June 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
25/06/2022Saturday 25th June 2022Mounts Bay Mullion7.30 pmPrivate Function
06/07/2022Wednesday 6th July 2022MullionTBAPA System
07/07/2022Thursday 7th July 2022MullionTBAPA System
23/07/2022Saturday 23rd July 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
13/08/2022Saturday 13th august 2022Godolphin Club9PMKaraoke Disco
03/09/2022Saturday 3rd September 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
04/09/2022Sunday 4th September 2022Godolphin HouseTBAPA System
17/09/2022Saturday 17th September 2022Helston Bowling ClubTBARace Night
01/10/2022Saturday 1st October 2022Godolphin Club9PMKaraoke Disco
15/10/2022Saturday 15th October 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
19/11/2022Saturday 19th November 2022Cadgwith Inn7.30 pm Race Night Provisional
26/11/2022Saturday 26th November 2022Arwenack Club Falmouth8PMDisco
02/12/2022Saturday 2nd December 2022Cury Village HallProvisional
03/12/2022Saturday 3rd December 2022Godolphin Club9PMKaraoke Disco
24/12/2022Saturday 24th December 2022Arwenack Club FalmouthTBADisco